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See Your Child Shine

A Personalized-Learning K-8 Micro School




Is Public School the wrong fit for your child?


  • No more struggles to keep up in class

  • Students learn better, faster because information is always connected to meaning.   

  • Your child will be better academically prepared for the future

  • Your child can thrive as a learner because they learn at their own pace

  • Your child is encouraged and motivated to learn

  • Small class sizes allow for personal attention

  • Children catch up from the Covid shutdown and accelerate their learning

At Paradigm Learning Microschools a unique learning path is created for your child that is...


We identify your child's strengths and interests. These drive their personalized learning path.


Students are empowered, become highly motivated, and stay engaged.

Growth Mindset Driven

Students learn to set goals, celebrate growth, and develop a love of learning.

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We're Changing the Student Experience

Join us in shifting the education paradigm.

Learn more by clicking the button below.

Enroll your child at any time. Each student's learning path is personalized.

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Small (micro) schools

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Personal Learning Paths

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On-going support

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Flexible seating

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Passion Projects


Integrated Curriculum

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Learning styles

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We'll uncover your child's learning preferences


A Path to Success

A unique learning path is designed for your student


Your Child Shines!

Your child gains confidence and competency as they achieve milestones and mastery.

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Your Child's Interests and Preferences are as Unique as They Are

As a parent, you want to see your child succeed in school. The problem is traditional school models are a one-size-fits-all, standardized program. It is not made to help every child succeed because students cannot find meaning in what they are being told to learn.

Paradigm Learning Microschool provides each student a learning path based on his or her interests and preferences so each child can find meaning and purpose in what they learn and confidence to experience success in school.

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Paradigm Learning Microschools...
is a small, private school. We cultivate lifelong learners
using a uniquely created learning path for each student.
Each one is designed to engage a child's natural curiosity to learn by personalizing each student's education according to his or her individual interests and learning preferences to prepare them for a bright future.

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