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What is
Based Education?

Competency-based education (CBE) is the focus of Paradigm Learning Microschools. We define CBE as having practices that ensure learners demonstrate, in practical ways, mastery of the content at one level before they move on to the next level. New subject material introduced to each individual student is based on their previous exposure to content. It is not based on age but on what the learner is ready to learn. 

A student can accelerate or be allowed additional time to build a competent understanding of the subject matter. 

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Students master learning content and reach objectives at their own pace. 

It allows them to show what they know as soon as they know it


Got it!

Did it!

In Competency-Based Education, a student may be challenged at an accelerated rate in one subject, like reading, while needing additional time in another subject area, like math.





Learners make better progress when they are challenged with next- level curriculum consistent with what they have previously achieved. When a student is forced into curriculum based on age, they will either be discouraged and fail to pursue their potential, or be bored and fail to achieve their potential.

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