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What is a  Microschool?

While Paradigm Learning is unique among microschools, a microschool, generally, is a small school usually having no more than 10 students. It is designed to focus a high level of attention on the individual progress, pace and needs of each student.

Do you charge tuition?

Yes, we are a private school and depend on tuition.

Do you accept ESA and AZ Tax Credit?

Yes, we accept both. Parents request the debit card for ESA funds and load it to our tuition payment system.

Can I use the new AZ State voucher payment towards tuition?

Absolutely! Depending on the age of your child the state will fund approximately $1,800 per quarter for tuition. You can see the breakdown on the Tuition and Registration page.

Why are you a private school?

Every student is different. So we personalize curriculum to allow each student to start where they are and progress at their own pace. We do not standardize as do state and charter public schools. That is because we are seeking competency, not only mastery. Students apply what they learn to what they care about and for the things they are passionate. That is not possible as a traditional public school.

How are you different from other microschools?

We utilize a learning framework encompassing 5 the elements of Personalized Learning and 5 Learning Zones. Together they insure competency and mastery at each level. They help create student ownership and engagement. The 5 Learning Zones guide the student through the process of mastery and competency so students master the material, understand why they are learning it, how to use it in the real world. They learn how to learn to become life-long learners. You can read more on this in our blog, How Paradigm Learning is Changing Education.

What are you trying to achieve by testing a new student before beginning their coursework?

We want each student to begin where they are, not at some arbitrary point they are told to be because of their age. Testing identifies gaps in past learning or if they are able to move past their grade level. Since a subject builds on itself, filling the gaps or advancing them more quickly allows a student to begin at a level appropriate to where they are. There is no shame or unhealthy pride is this type of framework. 

What hours are the class sessions?

There are two sessions each day: 7:30-11:30 and 12:00 to 4:00

Is Paradigm Learning a good place for struggling students?

Absolutely! This is one of the advantages to being at Paradigm Learning. Each student's level and pace of progress is private between the teacher and the student. Encouragement can be directed at where the student is, not where other students are. There are never any comparisons. 

Can children with special needs attend Paradigm Learning?

Yes! We have a flexible environment and create personalized plans for each student, so our environment can be a great fit for some students with special needs to thrive. Please contact us to talk about how Paradigm can help support your child's needs.

Can advanced students be challenged at Paradigm Learning?

If this is a 5th grade child doing college-level calculus or reciting the Iliad and Odyssey in Latin, there would be more appropriate institutions for them to attend. But if it is a 3rd grader doing 5th or 7th grade work, they can thrive. If you're not certain, schedule an appointment with Jody to discuss it further. 

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