What is a  Microschool?

While Paradigm Learning is quite unique among microschools, a microschool, generally, is a small school, usually having no more than 10 students. It is designed to focus a high level of attention on the individual progress, pace and needs of each student.

Why are you a private school?

We want to personalize and make progress according to each student's own pace. That is not possible as a traditional state or charter public school.


Do you charge tuition?

Yes, we are a private school and depend on tuition.

Do you accept ESA and AZ Tax Credit?

Yes, we accept both. Parents request the debit card for ESA funds and load it to our tuition payment system.

How are you different from other microschools?

We utilize a learning framework of the 5 vital elements of personalized learning and 5 learning zones. Together they insure competency and mastery at each level. They help create student ownership and engagement through a process designed individually for each student. And so importantly, it trains each student how to learn so they become life-long learners. You can read more on this in our blog, "How Paradigm Learning is Changing Education".

What are you trying to achieve by testing a student?

We want to start with each student where they are, not at some arbitrary point they are told to be. Testing also helps us locate gaps in past learning. Often, other gaps appear later. When that happens, we go back with the student to fill those.

What hours are the class sessions?

There are two sessions each day: 7:30-11:30 and 12:00 to 4:00

Is Paradigm Learning a good place for struggling students?

Absolutely! This is one of the advantages to being at Paradigm Learning. Each student's level and pace of progress is private between the teacher and the student. All encouragement is directed at where the student is, not where other students are. There are never any comparisons. 

Can children with special needs attend Paradigm Learning?

Yes. We are able to welcome most children with various special needs. But since we are not a special needs school we suggest you call to schedule an appointment with Jody to discuss it.

Can advanced students be challenged at Paradigm Learning?

If this is a 5th grade child doing high school calculus or reciting the Iliad and Odyssey in Latin, no. But if it is a 3rd grader doing 5th grade work, they could thrive. If you're not certain, schedule an appointment with Jody to discuss it further.