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Inspire your child to realize a love of learning by harnessing their interests and passions.


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Personalized Learning Experience
in a Microschool Environment

We want your child to feel seen and heard, which is why our environment focuses on developing life-long learning through student-driven tasks tailored around your child's interests, passions, and needs. Our microschools have a class ratio of 5:1, are commercially based, employ trained and experienced teachers, and are privately funded. We offer an experience developed specifically for each and every child.

  • Trained Teachers

  • Tailored curriculum

  • Individual Needs

  • Student-Driven

  • Accelerated Growth

  • Student-Involved Data Use

  • Competency-Based Grading

  • Commercial Location

  • Project-Based Learning

  • 5:1 Class Ratios

  • Knowledge Gaps Identified

  • Passion Projects

  • Goal Setting

  • Growth Tracking

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