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5 Reasons Your Child Struggles in School

Is your child struggling in school? In this post, we will discuss 5 reasons the traditional instructional method is contributing to the struggle and how an innovative personalized instructional method can fix that.

Your child was not intended to fit into an outdated teaching system, and the following 5 reasons contribute to the struggle:

  1. Students must fit into a mold.

  2. Deadlines, mandates, testing, and class sizes hinder effectiveness.

  3. Age-old tradition says that memorization or repetition will fix the struggle.

  4. Learning gaps can be challenging to identify and often go unaddressed.

  5. Students must keep up with the pace or get left behind.

"What is the real struggle here? Grasping a concept, or trying to fit into a mold in order to grasp a concept?" -Jody Cordova, Founding Member/Director of Teaching & Curriculum

The way to address student struggles in school is to personalize their learning. This does not simply mean provide activity options, repeat the lesson, one-on-one, or alter the performance expectations. These practices are referred to as individualized, differentiated, reteaching, and making accommodations. If personalized learning is properly integrated into a learning environment, it will encompass all of these methods in a package and use them in conjunction with the student's interests, passions, and needs. The result is a student-centered learning experience that fosters deep engagement, motivation, and growth. Traditional instruction is intended to deliver teaching to a whole group, which greatly limits the depth of its effectiveness. Rather than forcing students to fit into a mold that also inaccurately determines whether a student is struggling to understand something, personalized learning gives students the opportunity to utilize their strengths within their path of learning. It gives flexibility to how they access new knowledge, practice what they have learned, and demonstrate what they know. And through this process, the teacher consistently collects data to provide immediate feedback to the student, identify needs, and adjusts learning appropriately to ensure that struggles do not go unaddressed and decisions are data-informed.

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking it is stupid." -Albert Einstein

Picture this…your child comes home from school confident and excited because they mastered a previous struggle in an engaging way.

Your child is struggling in school. What if your child could learn in a way that is specifically suited to his or her learning style and personality?

If you are interested in providing your child with a learning experience like this, please visit for more information and to schedule a meeting.

Too many children suffer the consequences of an outdated teaching model that is failing them. Paradigm Learning is an innovative K-8 micro-school that provides learning style personalization so that each student can follow their own unique learning path and experience the confidence that comes when their own genius shines through.

Jody Cordova

Founding Member/Director of Teaching & Curriculum

(480) 590-0826

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