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Supporting your child's learning today because...

*COVID has caused students to develop or gain learning gaps.

*supporting their needs now will avoid deeper needs down the road.

*resolving issues at the root avoids "band-aid" fixes and avoids long-term financial burdens.

*their future is of the utmost importance.

*frustrations over homework and school stability.

*there is a loss of confidence in learning.

*they need to discover new motivation and personal interest in learning.


We diagnosis the root of the issue so our time is spent purposefully.


The continual cycle of frustration does not need to keep resurfacing.


Learner confidence sky rockets as they discover how their strengths and passions can fuel their learning.

When students are empowered in their learning, they shine.

Love of learning

The Personalized Tutoring Experience

We specialize in personalized learning plans and offer learner support, intervention, and tutoring that will identify knowledge gaps and target specific skills with tasks and simple assessments. The goal is to harness a student's strengths and interests to drive engagement and motivation to deep levels. These factors allow a student to recognize the joy of learning, instill confidence, accelerate growth, and ultimately bridge knowledge gaps. Not only does this method resolve the issue(s) at the root and avoids temporary "band aid" fixes, but it fosters an experience that can change the relationship a student has with the process of learning.


Reserve a spot for your child to take a diagnostic test.


Schedule 4 FREE tutoring sessions.


Stay consistent with 2 or 3 visits per week to close learning gaps and see growth.

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