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5 Reasons a Micro-School Provides a Better Education than Public or Charter.

5 reasons a micro-school can provide a better education than public or charter.

If you are considering a new school for your child away from public or charter, then a private micro-school should be at the top of your list. In this blog, we will discuss 5 reasons why a micro-school can provide a better education than the traditional public or charter school system.

"Too many shortcomings with no solution in sight mean it is time to find your child a better education and create an advantage for them. Research proves it is time for an innovative shift and yet the same system of teaching methods remain in place. The amount of loss spans across your child’s entire educational experience: emotional loss, social loss, and academic loss. " - Jody Cordova/Founder of Paradigm Learning Microschool

Micro-schools are a cutting-edge and innovative opportunity. They are inspired by the old schoolhouses and typically incorporate modern features such as technology, customized curriculum, innovative methods, flexible schedules, and small student: teacher ratios. And families are discovering their potential for resolving long-time existing issues in the traditional school system.

  1. Overcrowded traditional classrooms limit student opportunities.

In a traditional Arizona classroom, student numbers can reach between 35-40 students, which results in ongoing management issues and a learning environment that educators struggle to effectively reach. In fact, Arizona remains at the top of the list for overcrowded classrooms. However, the average micro-school size is 10-15 students. The advantage of this student: teacher ratio is obvious as it fosters an environment of mentoring, support, and meeting student needs. It is easier for teachers to maintain a pulse on student growth and identify ways to support them on their learning journey by providing exactly what they need when they need it. With small ratios learning presents students with an entirely fresh and competitive opportunity.

2. Traditional education follows a set path with a boxed curriculum.

We previously discussed state and district mandates placed on educators in "5 Reasons Your Child is Struggling in School", which discusses the fact that educators have been handed curriculum maps and deadlines. And within those parameters, they do the best they can to supplement and support massive amounts of students. So, it is not usually a reflection of the decisions teachers are making. Rather, it is a reflection of what the system demands. The Paradigm Learning Micro-school specializes in personalized learning. When integrated properly, and coupled with a micro-school environment, it cultivates an opportunity for your child to find their niche and thrive. It is a method or way of delivering learning experiences. A total shift from the 100+-year-old method. A way of guiding students along a path reflective of their individual interests, passions, and needs. And it provides students with a better, advantageous, opportunity for success.

3. Specialized programs are hit or miss.

The traditional school system can be hit or miss with specialized programs such as project-based learning, STE(A)M, science-based, technology-driven, cross-cultural, or advanced learning. Specialized programs like these are usually chosen by the teacher for the purpose of driving the instruction of a particular set of skills. Teachers can feel drawn towards certain specialized programs because it fits their style and they feel more effective in it, but most of the curriculum is not set up to support these methods on an ongoing basis. And even if a teacher feels ambitious enough to develop their own project, it is a reflection of the teacher's interest, not necessarily the students'. Micro-schools can specialize in programs that forge connections to a student's interests and passions. Research suggests that specialized curriculum like project-based learning partnered with an instructional method such as personalized learning will accelerate student growth and deepen learner experiences, which is what families will find at Paradigm Learning Micro-school.

4. Too many students and not enough time to build effective relationships and communication.

It's no secret that communication suffers when classrooms are cramped and overflowing with students. As much as educators would like to dedicate specific quality time to developing relationships with parents and students, high student numbers hinder this. However, the micro-school design offers teachers and families this advantage and is strengthened through those relationships. It nurtures learning and growth because educational and emotional support are connected on both sides: home and school. Micro-school teachers govern and manage learning and behavior, which contributes to the level of information they can provide to parents and students. As a result, close relationships are cultivated throughout each student's intricate learning path. Research suggests that student motivation increases and growth accelerates when relationships are a central focus of the learning environment, which is exactly what a healthy micro-school can offer.

5. A traditional system means limited flexibility

Another great benefit of enrolling in a micro-school is the flexibility it can offer. Oftentimes, a micro-school follows an alternative schedule that creates space for extracurricular activities, travel, doctor appointments, downtime, and family time. Flexibility in a micro-school also gives students more time to master certain skills and take learning to deeper levels so as to hone their strengths and interests. The traditional expectation that everyone keeps moving at the same pace is something that is perpetually creating greater learning gaps among students simply because there is no real flexibility. As a result, needs are buried and hard to revisit. And, in connection with student needs, strengths, and interests, a micro-school can have the flexibility of adopting technology or curricular experiences for the sake of benefitting the growth of a student.

Can you imagine picking your child up from class and getting a full run-down of their educational growth, innovation, needs, and suggestions on how to extend the learning at home?

If you are considering a new school for your child away from public or charter, then a private micro-school should be at the top of your list.

"If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow." -John Dewey, American educational reformer.

What if your child could be a part of a school that can provide them an advantage in education over what is offered in traditional public or charter schools?

Too many children suffer the consequences of an outdated teaching model that is failing them. Paradigm Learning is an innovative K-8 micro-school that provides learning style personalization so that each student can follow their own unique learning path and experience the confidence that comes when their own genius shines through.

Jody Cordova

Founding Member/Director of Teaching & Curriculum

(480) 590-0826

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